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Address: 12767 Fremont Ave Zimmerman, MN 55398


12-7pm Thursday

10-5PM Friday

10-5PM Saturday

10-3PM Sunday

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American flag for Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labour Day.jpg

Meet the woman who started it all!

Hi I'm Rose! I founded Rosies Attic Room In December of 2019!

Believe it or not my business started with handmade cards and Scrapbooks (I'm kinda a closet grandma) I started to get more involved with politics and soon my company started to morph into a USA, Patriotic and Second amendment based clothing shop! 

I have recently opened up my own storefront in Zimmerman, MN and will be hosting smaller scale events in the Zimmerman, Elk River MN area!

Stay awesome


What's new


My Events

Want your business to reach more of your local audience?

If you are near Zimmerman / Elk River, MN I would love to have you! 

My events are a great way to meet a large community of local small creators!

If you make handmade items, or sell direct sales products please click the below link for information!

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My Family

What keeps me going!

Meet my family! 

Joey - My husband, he keeps me on track and definitely reassures me I am doing the right thing! 

Elliot - My son, my cheerleader! he loves coming downstairs with me to help me work!

Evelyn - My daughter! She makes me cash in those vacation days as soon as I have them LOL 

My family is my biggest reason why I do this! I want them to be proud of me and see how hard I work for them!

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